Hello there you! I know what you are thinking: Where the hell was she the past couple of days and why are there so little - I correct, none - updates on the blog? As you probably know, I am moving to my new home this week. All a lot of fun of course - except for stripping my old apartment from everything that makes it livable like floors, heating and kitchen supplies - but it also takes a lot more time than I thought. I reckoned I could just go on in my Isabel Marant boyfriend jeans and a simple tee looking fab while packing and that making outfit posts would be no problem. I would just dust off my hair and take a 5 to quickly snap some shots of my casual but cool wear. Well, that was a misjudgment! I did wear that Isabel Marant boyfriend jeans one day, but soon learned that sweats are the way to go in this type of situation. Not too blog worthy. Let alone the time I apparently need for packing my old 38 square feet apartment. Really did not know how many stuff you can collect on such little space. My shoes and clothing already take 11 boxes on their own! So I really hope that you are able to wait a little longer until I am back to blogging full throttle. My new home is pretty photogenic, so I think you will see a lot of it soon! 

Blog wise, there was a really nice surprise waiting for me in my inbox yesterday. When I opened my laptop at 10PM last night I saw that I Love Fashion News labelled me as an approved blogger! And as I am a regular on their website I naturally could not be happier. You can check me and the other bloggers out on the I Love The Blogger List. A really cool list by the way to find yourself some new blogs worth following.

So until I am back - and I can tell you; I can not wait! - you should really check out the list and find some cool blogs to read. And as I am on the hunt for new blogs to add to my blogroll too, please let me know if you find some! 

Have a lovely day and do not forget: Thank God It's Friday!

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  1. congrats with being on their approved blogger list!

  2. Reacties
    1. Hi Ineke, dank je wel! De verhuizing is bijna klaar, dus ben zsm weer helemaal terug. Kan niet wachten. Ennuh..Leuk dat je me volgt! Fijne dag vandaag!

  3. Oh dat is echt leuk voor je!
    Ik moet ook nog altijd eens een mailtje sturen met mijn blog etc :)
    Veel plezier/moed nog met het verhuizen en alles wat er bij komt ! xx

    1. Ja, zeker doen! En dank je wel. Ben bijna klaar, dus weer snel terug hier om te bloggen!


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