Sometimes, you accidentally discover a place in your neighborhood where you feel right at home. That happened to me when my friends Anne and Annika (better known as the band A.DAM) performed at 16CC yesterday. A lovely little place filled with music, art, photography and literature. Just the way I like it. And not in the least part because of the special beers they serve of course.. :-)

Anyway, if you have the possibility to visit Amsterdam this weekend, you really should. Because of Amsterdam Dance Event almost all clubs are filled with the coolest dance acts and all bars programmed the coolest bands, art and lectures for you. Curious if you will attend any parties this weekend?

Because don't you forget you little party animal: Thank God It's Friday! 

ps. For more info about A.DAM, please visit their Facebook or Soundcloud page. And yes, I will tell them to upload more songs soon. :-)

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