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Got a bit lost on Pinterest and Tumblr yesterday. Gosh do I love some brainless browsing for street style pics sometimes. After I finished work yesterday I went out for a quick shopping trip in search for the perfect winter coat for my love. I just could not resist though to sneak into the women's department at Urban Outfitters. But as I realized that this shopping trip was not for me, I managed to get out unharmed. The shop looks very good though, so I am definitely visiting it soon again.

Anyway, we ended our shopping trip with a glass of wine at a lovely spot in The Nine Streets, which left me feeling beat. Yes, wine does that to me sometimes. ;-) I decided to call it an early night when I though that I could just browse a little on the internet. Wrong choice. Duh! As I am still typing this post at 10.30 PM. That means that I have been browsing for two hours straight by now.

Luckily, I found some really cool pics that I thought would be fun to share with you. Plenty of fall inspiration featuring big coats and knits, plaid, a sporty bomber, wide legged pants and some sequins. That I think we are able to wear again, since I already spotted some Christmas decoration in town. 

Personally, I am really into lace lately (actually I have always been a sucker for lace) and am searching for the perfect lace blouse to perfect my wardrobe. If you already spotted it somewhere, please tell? And clearly everything oversized is always right up my alley. I posted all this pics on my Pinterest account by the way. So if you like them, just hop over there to find many more.

Furthermore, it is Thursday already and I am wondering: Did you already make plans for the weekend? Would love to know what you are up to!

Happy Thursday!

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