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If there is one thing in this world that I would do anything for to not ever have to do it again, it is cleaning. Do not get me wrong, I like a clean house, but cleaning it myself is something very different. That is why I reward myself after a good and thorough cleaning session with a present in proportion to what I have cleaned. For example: 

                                     doing dishes = coffee with something sweet
                          vacuuming = magazine of choice
cleaning the shower = fresh flowers
       cleaning out my closet = new item of choice

As today is Hemelvaartsdag (Dutch holiday), I am planning to thoroughly clean my closet and kitchen cabinets to get them Spring ready. I am dividing my clothes into yes and no piles and store my winter coats and jumpers in the attic. And to really top things off, I might even go through my shoe collection and select only the real keepers. 

So, does that not deserve a proportional present? :-) I am already eying on these white beauties. What do you think? 

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  1. amaaazing shoes!!!!

    hahaha love how you give yourself presents for cleaning LOL


    1. Hi Sara, thanks! :-) And as I should definitely clean soon, I'll probably present you another 'present' in the near future haha! Have a great day!


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