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Lets call today Wishful Wednesday okay? So that we can do an overload of wishes and enjoy that moment just before you realize that most of those wishes are not still wishes just for no reason. :-) I for example like to imagine myself winning the lottery - call me superficial- and spending that money - call me even more superficial. But hey, a girl can dream right?

Wishing for things that are not in a not-ever-happening-galaxy far, far away might even be better though. Perfectly manicured nails for a change? No prob. Wishing for those perfect sunnies? Just start saving up. And longing for the perfect festival hair? Hold your horses and work the tutorial I posted above!

I always love Yara's tutorials and I am especially fond of this one. This fishtail braid is the perfect do to accompany springy office wear as well as cut-off jeans and a tee to a music festival. (Yes, still daydreaming :-)) Definitely trying this one and I will show you the results later on. And yes, even if it turned out to be bad.

What are you dreaming of? What would you wish for if you could wish anything in the world? Happy Wednesday!

PS. For more fishtail braid inspiration, check out Cocorosa's blog here
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