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Pictures by Bram van Essen
Happy Tuesday my sweets! How are you feeling today? As everyone around me is getting knocked down by Mr. Flu, I really hope the virus does not spread to my dear readers on the web. I guess the last bit of winter is getting the best of people now and we are in desperate need of some sunshine! (And with sunshine I mean warmer temperatures, as the sun actually shines from time to time but it still is f-f-freaking cold.) Anyway, as I told you earlier I am collecting bits and pieces of my Spring wardrobe. And although I try to think that I am pretty resistent to trends, I am finding myself searching for a suspicious amount of white garments lately...Guess I really jumped on the Spring 2013 bandwagon now. :-) 

Having jumped on that bandwagon makes me feel pretty bummed out for not getting that pretty white leather jacket at ZARA's by the way. Retailing at 50% of the original price in January. But hey, one can only make decisions based on their most up to date knowledge right? ;-) Therefore I am wearing my good old black leather jacket again. With a thick white knit that is, because the jacket itself is still way to cold. 

How are you holding up in these last days before Spring arrives?


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