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Cupcakes by the American Baking Company

A happy and healthy Easter morning you! Are you enjoying the long weekend to the fullest? As much as I would have liked to tell you that I baked these deliciously looking cupcakes myself..Well, I did not. Photographing and eating them is much more my cup of tea, although I would love to be a baking queen like Emily Schuman or Sabien Wedman. But as long as fickleness and taking it easy on sugar are not among the ingredients for producing the perfect cupcake, I guess I will probably not become one. Oh well..there is art in the eating and photographing these beauties too right? 

I did come across some great Easter recipes the last couple of days though and I would love to share them with you. So enjoy and keep your kitchenware at the ready! Or just run to the nearest bakery or caterer of course... :-) 

1. Easter Surprise Cupcakes by Sabien Wedman.
2. Cake Pops by Emily Schuman.
3. Grown Up Easter Eggs by Rachel Khoo.
4. Peleo Chicken Scotch Eggs by The Healthy Foodie.
5. Eggs In Pots by BeautylabNL (original recipe Rachel Khoo)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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    1. Jij ook! En heb net je blog bekeken. Super leuk en ik ga je volgen! Liefs, Floor


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