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Good morning my sweets! Did you all survive the first day of the week? As I feel like it is almost weekend again (I have friday off this week, whoop whoop!) I thought I would take you on a tour through memory lane. :-) The order of the photos is not really chronologically right by the way, but oh well, there are worse things in life.

1. Saturday started off with a really nice closet sale. I scored a sweater and the panther printed blouse in photo six. Afterwards one of my besties and I had a coffee in a nearby bar and catched up on what happened that week. 2. My beloved Vogue arrived in the mail! And although I try to read it bit by bit to not spoil the fun all at once, I obviously failed miserably. 3. My look last friday or thursday I guess? So hard to keep track of time. 4. A miserably failed DIY attempt to create the perfect boyfriend shorts. Ended up in the bin. 5. Amsterdam Central Station on the way to my parents house. Always incredibly beautiful! 6. The blouse I bought from Lucy. Love a good leopard from time to time! ;-) 7. Our wine collection on Saturday night. Party time! 8. And last but not least: a big kiss from me to you!

What were you up to past weekend? And are you also looking forward to the next one too? Have a great day and do not forget to smile and be happy!

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  1. awesome jacket )

    Angela Donava

    1. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    2. Hi Angela! Thank you so much! A good faux fur can never go wrong. :-) Have a great day!


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