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So here it is, the first morning of 2013. We survived the crazy NYE parties and, although we already reflected on 2012 in the previous days, today is the day that we look forward to what is coming in 2013. Well, at least I do. ;-) I made a cup of coffee, called everyone that I could not reach at midnight and let this calm but exited feeling come over me. Yesterday night me and my friends looked back on 2012 and, like I said in the previous post, it is so great to see that overall everyone has had a great year. There of course were some ups and downs, but we graduated from college in August and started our first jobs and traineeships in the fall. Something that is our biggest achievement so far. 

With that said, now it is time to look forward. What are our goals and ambitions for 2013? Besides doing well at work, I would also like to conduct a few fun projects with my own art organization Vers Vlees 020 and expand my blogging career. I am looking forward to a great year in which I will discover and follow the path that I would like to set out for myself in the future. (And I hope everybody stays well of course ;-)) 

What are your plans for 2013? Are there exciting things ahead of you and wich decisions will you have to make? Enjoy this first day of 2013 and take a moment to look forward. Talk to you soon!

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