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 Pictures by Sharon Noordsij

 Hello Lovelies! Today is such a happy day! As you have probably read, my blog is featured as the Editor's Pick of the Day at the Bloggers.com community! Such a great feeling! There are two other blogs that have been 'picked by the editor' and there sort of is a little contest going on there. Bloggers are able to vote for their absolute favorite blog and so I hope to beat the other two bloggers of course! (Sorry other lovely bloggers! :-)) If you like to read my blog, please help me by voting on the bloggers website!

Although being picked out as a favorite blog makes me really happy, I actually already felt this happy vibe in Amsterdam the past week. Everybody always talks about January as being the month in which it is most likely that you get depressed, but somehow I feel that most of us are actually doing well! Hope it stays that way for a long time! 

In terms of clothing. I am really into the Martin Margiela/ Celine kind of vibe, with a little bit of Isabel Marant mixed into it, lately. Now that those collections are not for my budget, I chose to wear this Zara studio coat and skirt, an old woolen turtleneck and my favorite fringed boots.  Perfect for the cold! How have you been feeling lately? Are you into the happy vibe or did January get you depressed? Let me know! 


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7 opmerkingen:

  1. I like your photos...Do you think you can add google translate?

    Tiff Ima

  2. Nevermind.... I see it in English now! :) I'm so confused.

    1. Hi Tiff! Thanks so much! Really appreciate your comment! Glad you see it in English now! :-) Hope to welcome you again soon, have a great evening! JP

  3. Reacties
    1. Thanks so much! Such a great one to wear in a snowy Amsterdam! Will show you the winter pics later! :-)

  4. Love your boots! What a cool backdrop for photos! I voted for you on Bloggers, by the way! Im going to check out your giveaway (I am having one currently too..one day left!)


    1. Dear Evon, thanks for voting for me! Love it! Please check out my giveaway indeed, there's still time! :-) Hope to talk to you soon! Have a great day! JP


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