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While waiting for the Sinterklaas feest to start, I was going through my closet in search for a nice outfit to wear. I found lots of cool stuff, but the dress I wear in this picture makes me crave summer so bad! I tried it on with a cardigan, but that just doesn't do it justice. Anyway, to make a long story short: my search ended with me wearing skinnys and a jumper haha! O so original. So no outfit pics of me today, but one in which I am wearing a nice dress! :-) 
Are you celebrating Sinterklaas today? And what are you wearing?

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  1. Happy Monday and middle of January to you! The photos are oh so gorgeous and definitely love the black beanie and this outfit!
    Absolutely inspiring! Keep up the great blogging and hope you have an awesome rest of the week!
    Ciao ciao for now!
    @Cherelynn on Twitter

    1. Thanks so much Cherelynn! So great to hear! Definitely checking out your blog later on! Curious! :-) Have a great day! JP


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