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Although I already gave you a hint about the upcoming winter in my Winter Diary's post, I can officially say that winter has hit Amsterdam. The streets are covered in white and the glove and beanie-less days are finally over. 
Last week was so hectic, that I'm glad that the weekend has arrived. On monday I participated in the conference Culture in Figures of the Dutch Ministry of Culture with my company Vers Vlees 020. We had a great day in which we met lots of enthusiastic and creative people. Right now, we are making our plans for 2013 and I believe that it is going to be a great year! On tuesday and wednesday I celebrated a typically Dutch feast called Sinterklaas. On thursday we conducted a debate about Syria that I was working on for a while now, and luckily it went great! Yesterday, I went to see a friend that had been travelling for a few months! So nice to chat up and realize how important your friends are. :-)
Anyway, in between I also had to work of course. I am definitely not complaining because it was a great week, but I'm sorry for the lack of updates though. Today promisses to be a good day! H&M is going to deliver my sale package whoop whoop! Can't wait! Will show you later! Are you also enjoying the weekend?

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