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One to start with..

Another one.. 
And one to finish off with!
Hi everyone! As you will probably know, I had an amazing weekend. First of all because it was a long one (3 days!) and second of all because I did so many fun things. In the diary above you get a sneak peak of what I was up to. Except for the 11th picture, because that one was taken earlier past summer. (I did upload it on Instagram this weekend though, so that counts as a weekend activity right? ;-)) 

The event that I went to with one of my besties turned out to be not that great after all. But oh well, the coffee and cupcakes afterwards made up for it! This week promises to be a busy one, but after that X-mas holiday starts! Can't believe how fast time goes by and I haven't really thought about X-mas shopping yet (well, for others that is..). Did you? What did you get?

Have a great evening!

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