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 As I told you last week about my shoe collection, I felt that the shoes that weren't featured in that post deserved their own moment of fame. Still, the shoes in the pictures above are just a tiny piece of my collection, but it is a start.
As I live in a tini tiny apartment with my boyfriend, he is a bit less enthusiastic about my love for shoes. In our bedroom we do not only store my shoes in my own closet, but his closet is slowly losing space to my dear little friends as our shoe cabinet can't store anymore shoes than it already does. But o well, I always feel that he also benefits from this hobby because I always wear nice shoes when we go out. ;-) 
Today I'm going to have lunch to celebrate a certain person's (can't say, because it is a surprise) birthday. I already took my new coat and shoes for a little spin around the neighbourhood yesterday afternoon, but today I'm going to take them to the beach! O yes, and pictures will follow later!
What are you up to today? Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. LVE this touch of burgundy and ADIDAS
    x the cookies

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