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This last week was so crazy busy. Putting the last loose ends of 2012 together at work, conducting a secret project in the evenings, the last soccer match of this year and crazy x-mas shopping were all part of this weeks madness. But eventually, it all came together and as of today my x-mas holiday starts! Whoop whoop! Bring it on!

I also did a little extra shopping in the H&M final sale yesterday..And part of me thought it was totally normal to order not one, not two but three of the same beanies (different colours though ;-)) and the same number of pants. But hey, which girl would not with those crazy H&M prices? 

Anyway, my plan for the day is pretty clear. Slouching around the house with a cup of coffee, MTV and Elle magazine. Pretty good day to expand my blogroll too, because I am thinking of doing a post on my favourite bloggers later on this week. 

So now there's only one thing left to say: HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!

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