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Good Morning Lovelies! Are you having a great X-Mas time so far? I am having a very relaxed Christmas holiday. I think it has actually been a long time since my Christmas schedule was so chilled out. Somehow, the lion's share of the parties actually took place before Christmas and so we only had lunch and went to the movies yesterday. Love it! 

Later today I will be off to my parents' house to celebrate my mothers birthday. But first, me and the BF are heading towards the city center to check out the Zara sale. We are actually going because the BF has his eye on a new shirt, but hey: there's no harm for me to quickly browse the women's department right? :-) 

In the pictures you see what I was wearing to lunch yesterday: My H&M woolen coat, a glitter long sleeve that I bought on the Noordermarkt a while ago and my Zara fake leather skirt. And OFF COURSE my Isable Marant knock off wedge sneakers that I told you about here

Talk to you later, but I have to run now. Have a great day!

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