Fridays call for action. Running your last errands of the week and preparing for drinks in the city at night, will probably have you caught in between a total meltdown and full-on party mode. At least I am. After a pretty hectic week, I am feeling like a wrung dishcloth and energybomb all at the same time. I cannot wait to start planning my holiday and go out for dinner with my friends this weekend, while couch surfing at home seems like a great option too. 

Something that excites me is the fact that the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam officially started! I might just go and pop into the Melkweg tonight, to check out the gallery and dance until the morning light. 

Remember that I issued a giveaway last week? The sweet and talented Said Mahrouf asked me to give one of you two tickets for his show during Fashion Week. As I received such nice comments from women who would love to join me to the show on the 23rd, I have decided to split the price. Meaning that I will take two of you with me. Whoop! I will e-mail the winners soon, so keep an eye on your mailbox today. 

If you did not win one of those tickets and still would love to experience Fashion Week, I recommend to check out the Downtown program. This program is (mostly) free of charge and presents fashion shows, fashion films, parties and a lot more. A great way to live and breathe fashion the coming days. 

Do I have the chance to run into you at some of these events? I am off for work. Happy Friday!


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  1. Im experiencing the same thing. This week caused lots of blue. Under the eyes mostly. I cant wait for the weekend.

    Excitinggg! *stares at mailbox* Have a good day at work! x

  2. These pictures turned out stunning! Great job dear :)
    x Frederique /


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