I have nominated this coffee place before in my Coolest Amsterdam coffee bars list, but this hotspot in the heart of my neighborhood deserves some special attention. The area around the Jan Evertsenstraat is developing more and more (exhibit a, exhibit b) into the place to be for young creatives and yuppies, as we like to call the higher educated people with young kids and their pricey strollers. 

White Label Coffee is a clean coffee bar, with its white walls and vintage interior, and often transforms into a creative platform for its neighbors. This Sunday (december 2014) for example the shop makes space for a book launch and acoustic performance. Henrike Witting is an Amsterdam based illustrator and will launch her first children's book, containing her own illustrations. This presentation will be moderated by Josephine Zwaan, an Amsterdam based singer-songwriter. She will also perform at the end of the presentation and as her student - Josephine is my singing teacher - I cannot wait! I already know that it will be amazing as I saw her performing on TV during De Beste Singer Songwriter van Nederland recently. You recognize the beautiful song Los Vast? 

Time | 4PM untnil 5,30 PM
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I would almost forget, but White Label Coffee serves specialty coffee, roasted by Elmer and Francesco. You find White Label Coffee at the Jan Evertsenstraat 136. Even if you do not live in the neighborhood, I guess you should definitely check this place out. Either to have a coffee inside, or take one to go for a walk along all the cool places that are popping up nearby. 

See you Sunday at 4PM?

Happy Tuesday!

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