When I saw an e-mail in my inbox the other day, stating that the first Fashion Week of 2015 is in the making, my mood went up by 100%. I cannot help but getting excited by the prospect of discovering new designs in my hometown in only a few months. It made me think of all the great designs I had seen the past Summer and the talent I was introduced to. Truth is that I am always more keen on checking the shows of young and upcoming designers, than the big names. It is like you can sense their energy and excitement through the clothes. So interesting. 

One of my favorite young designers at Fashion Week's last edition is Joelle Baten. Her collection No Love was nominated for Lichting: where the best academy graduates of one year show their work in one central catwalk show. Her collection is so vibrant, urban, modern and fun and has no problem with combining high end fashion with Nike Air Max. Exactly the way I like it. As I thought you might not know Joelle yet, since all the attention went to another great designer - and winner of Lichting 2014 - Bastian Visch, I decided that there is no chance in hell that you are missing out on this young star in fashion. And so I introduce you to the work of Joelle Baten. Take a good look at her portfolio and make up your mind. Are you as enthusiastic about it as I am?

Bring on a new Fashion Week. I am ready!


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