You might have noticed it already, but in case you missed it: Yesterday the Amsterdam Art Weekend kicked off. A long weekend full of art in a big variety of Amsterdam hotspots. That sounds fun, doesn't it? I will try to make it to the opening of Qlick Editions Blacklight exhibition in time today and am really curious of what New York based artist Tony Oursler will do to the  Oude Kerk and Stedelijk Museum this weekend. From what I have been told, Oursler's video projections turn Amsterdam's oldest building into a melting pot of interactive images that make you feel like the old church has been hacked. Oursler's projection presents images of artists like Holly Stanton and Constance De Jong, who's portfolios are definitely worth to check out. (hint! :-))

Tomorrow, the Stedelijk Museum will present a projection that Oursler especially built for the museum's fa├žade: the big white wall on the new part of the museum. The projection is called X ERGO Y and is based on different belief systems. It combines 3D scans and 3D computer models of artefacts from different cultures around the world, containing questions about belief and disbelief. 

Oude kerk: November 27 - March 29 (15 euros)

Stedelijk Museum: November 30 - January 18, from 7-9 AM and 5-11 PM.  (Free)

Thank god it is Friday and time to enjoy some art. What are you up to this weekend?


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