Looking at these pictures makes me thank God on my bare knees- I am an occasional believer who loves to exaggerate - that I live in Amsterdam. The city is so beautiful! Sometimes, when I ride my bike through town, I pretend that I am a tourist discovering the city for the first time. It always makes me see things I have not seen before and see the buildings and people in a new light. 

When I stumbled upon these pictures by interview magazine Freude von Freunden I got the same touristy feeling. This German website analyses Amsterdam's city life like if Amsterdam is this mini eco system. Which we probably are by the way, since I recognize pretty much everything they say in this article. When other people write or talk about your home town it feels kind of weird though and it forces you in the role of the observer in stead of a regular citizen. 

I like the haziness and imperfection of these pictures. Especially the last one. It is a typical upcoming neighborhood in which a lot of young professionals and creatives live. It is not my neighborhood, but it kind of looks like it. Not yet fully polished, but full of creativity and cultural diversity. Are those not the best places to live in?

What is your dream city?

Happy Thursday!

Images by Jordi Huisman and Matthieu Garnier for Freunde von Freunden.

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