Healthy food bars are popping up all over town lately. One of my favorite food bars is REINlocated on the corner of the Victorieplein and de Rijnstraat. This cozy bar serves breakfast, homemade salads, smoothies, coffees and healthy sweets. Truth be told that I am a sucker for their collagen smoothies - that are supposed to make your skin look younger - and bean noodle salad. 

After an intense Model Workout and swimming training at De Mirandabad, we sat down at REIN with the Let's Brand 2gether team. We were served a bunch of small gluten and wheat free buns called oathies, with cheese and salmon. I especially liked the cheese one as it was topped with truffle mayonaise. My favorite! After this healthy starter, we got on with two healthy smoothies. A green one with cucumber, ginger, apple, basil and spinach and a pink one with collagen called Forever Young. Whoop! Give me a liter of that one every morning please. 

I must say that those oathies an smoothies filled up my belly pretty well already, but how could I refuse trying two great looking salads? As I reckoned that a little extra salad would probably not hurt anyone, I completely went for a lentil salad with spinach, goat cheese, dates, almonds and balsamic dressing and a noodle salad with green beans, minced chicken, coriander, red union, tomatoes, cucumber and a lemon dressing. Gosh, did I eat well that evening. 

As you can see, REIN is not only perfect for take-away food but also great to have dinner with small groups. We had a great time at REIN and I am sure that you will have the same. Check out the rest of the menu and let me know if you already had dinner at this hotspot!

Happy Tuesday!

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All pictures but the first one are by David Stegenga for Let's Brand 2Gether.

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