The past weeks my Iphone in-ears started to fall apart. It started to navigate itself, giving me an awkward mix of Spotify tunes. Two days ago it shut down completely. Not only robbing me from my daily music routine, but also from my telephone conversations on my way to work, friends or the gym. This desperate situation had to be solved. Quickly. 

So my new life companion should not only play fat tunes, but also handle my phone calls.  And if it managed to be a little handsome too, it could not hurt. I had my eye set on this Frends Layla pair in rose gold for a while already, but I coincidentally read an article about them earlier this week. I found the price a little hefty, but my search for great headphones soon led me to much pricier alternatives. And as my new policy is to go for quality instead of quantity, I decided to hop into the city to go get them. Imagining the low cost per wear....

I have been listening to my Spotify playlist on these headphones all night yesterday and the sound is amazing. Bonus is that it actually functions as jewelry too and amps up your outfits with a cool street style feel. I have already told you twice this week, which music I am listening to at the moment. And I must say that CUT_ even sounds better on these babies. They will perform at the Melkweg this afternoon, so I will definitely hop on by. But first: Some running with the #LB2G team and a birthday. 

What are you up to today? And what is your favorite way to listen to music?

Happy Sunday!

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Ps. Listen to CUT_'s playlist on Soundcloud here!

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