You have probably heard something about the Stromae cover that reached a million views this week. The duo responsible for this amazing cover are Amsterdam based artists Belle Doron and Sebastiaan Dutilh. Together they form CUT_: well-known for their electronic music that bridges the gap between Massive Attack's triphop-sound and the current bass-scene with leading figures like James Blake and Burial. As they just launched their new website, I thought I should introduce them to you.

I have listened to their private liveset over and over again and the raw sound of the music and Belle's edgy voice give their songs such an international vibe. They make you want to go clubbing, even on a rainy Thursday morning like this. I have also seen them performing live a while ago and they sounded even more energetic and vibrant than on the recordings. Improvisation is key to their concept and therefore the flow of the performance is a surprise for everyone. A very cool experience.

You still have the chance to see them before their big break - Because I bet that is going to happen somewhere in the near future. - as they present their first EP on september 4 at the OT301. Tickets are only 5 euros, so if you did not make any plans for that day yet, I recommend you to check these two out. Who would miss out on the chance of becoming a first generation fan right? The fact that Aisha Zeijpveld made the artwork for this EP only adds to its quality. The picture was unfortunately too small to post here, but please have a look at the CUT_ Facebook page. It is incredible!

Enjoy this playlist and do not forget to check out their website. See you the 4th of September!


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