Aaah, another art post this week. What the hell. The work of Seet van Hout is well worth sharing with you. Van Hout is represented bij the inspiring Nouvelles Images Gallery in The Hague and makes beautiful mixed media artworks. Painted canvasses, which are embroidered with abstract and abstracted forms, instantly get your attention. Van Hout also uses a lot of other materials in her work, like ceramics and paper, but I especially like this series that is displayed in the Nouvelles Images Gallery. It feels a little futuristic and hippie-like, while at the same time feeling totally rooted in the present. 

More and more artists are using embroidery on their canvasses, but Seet van Hout is no follower. She has been using this technique for it seems like forever, judging on the amount of works you find on the internet. If you like these works, hop over to the Nouvelles Images Gallery to see more of this series. And while you are at it, check their other featured artists too. 

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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