Last week, I was introduced to the work of Aisha Zeijpveld. Her somewhat surrealistic work instantly got my interest. Especially since the person who told me about her work explained that Aisha does all editing by hand. So no photoshop, no easy tricks, just scissors and whatever material she needs to create the surreal effect she wants. A little bit of research shows that she is inspired by the work of Magritte, a Belgian artist who is one of my favorites too. 

Aisha has done a great deal of commissioned work already, but also keeps creating her personal work. One of my favorite series is the one in which water plays a central role. Like the second picture, in which it seems like Valerio is looking through wet glass. There are also a few other artworks on her portfolio website, that make me wonder how she creates that insanely beautiful water-like effect. 

But if there is one picture that I really, really love it is the first one of the series I posted above. The colors are soft and rich, and while there is clearly something going on on his head, it seems like the guy is totally at ease. Which makes me wonder: is he trying to impress someone? ;-) Anyway, I think Aisha's work is innovative and amazing. 

I am curious of your opinion about Aisha's work. 
Are you just as enthusiastic as me?

Enjoy your day!

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All pictures are created by Aisha Zeijpveld

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