rollende keukens westerpark 2014

rollende keukens westerpark 2014
rollende keukens westerpark 2014
rollende keukens westerpark 2014
rollende keukens westerpark 2014

As promised, more about thé Amsterdam hotspot this week. I am talking about the Rollende Keukens. If you have not made any plans for today or tomorrow yet, I really recommend you to visit this event. Or actually food market is the better word for it I guess. It is like all Amsterdam based food lovers gather themselves to enjoy everything from vegan roti to roasted pork.  It is just so damn happy! This event has outdone itself for a few years in a row now. It started small with just a few food trucks and became the immense event that it is today. But before I will elaborate on all the kick ass food you can eat over here, let me explain why you should definitely go.

Rollende Keukens at the Westerpark, open until sunday the 1st of June.

What I love about Amsterdam is that the city is rapidly changing its food infrastructure. Most of us still enjoy a big bag of chips or something else greasy - the hotdog stands at Leidseplein are famous for it- after a night out, but that is kind of an exception to how we eat during the rest of the week. Small, creative and healthy food stores multiply rapidly. Just think of food stores like SLA and Vinnies Deli and you get the picture. The Rollende Keukens is like the melting pot of all these cool initiatives that increase the awareness of how we eat and what we eat in a very pleasant way. Mostly because the food they produce is so tasty. And prepare, because what you see is what you get. You will see your sandwich with pulled pork being pulled from a roasted pig and your fries being prepared at the spot. But to me, that is just the true story of food. We eat and enjoy it, but we should better know where it comes from. 

This event captures the movement that is going on in the (Amsterdam) food industry. So if you are interested in having an authentic dinner while enjoying a glass of wine in the sun, please join the hundreds of  likeminded people today. Yes, it will probably be crazy busy.

PS. The Rollende Keukens is the perfect place to hang and have drinks with your friends. There are multiple stages on which - mostly unknown - musicians play their songs. It is kind of romantic actually. 

Food loving Amsterdam. Funny to see is that the cooks are mostly pretty young, they are the representatives of this movement. Visitors are equally mixed: it girls and boys mix perfectly with middle-aged women and men.  

The food market is located at the Westerpark, so when you are done eating there are a million other things - okay, I like exaggerating on a saturday morning - to do. Have a coffee at the Bakkerswinkel, visit some galleries (1 & 2) or just walk around the park a bit. 

I tried to catch the vibe in this video. As you can see, I am not a real pro yet when it comes to filming, but we all should start at one point right? :-) Setting the video to 1080p in Youtube (bottom right in the video) will help though. I will be there probably in the late afternoon. See you there?


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Pictures: Rollende Keukens

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  1. Jeetje ziet er echt heel erg leuk uit, prachtige foto's heb je ook geschoten!

  2. Here is a short vid of Rollende Keukens 2014 Enjoy ;)

  3. Ik was ook op de rollende keukens, het is zo idd ekker en gezellig allemaal daar, ze zouden het vaker dan 1x per jaar moeten organiseren!


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