Food Film Festival 2014 Westerpark

Food Film Festival 2014 Westerpark
Food Film Festival 2014 Monique van Loon Culy

It is only thursday yet, but with so many fun events in sight this weekend I thought I should already tell you about one of my all time favorite festivals: The Food Film Festival. The name already reveals why it is so good. This festival is thé place to be for all conscious food enthusiasts. Go check out the best food films in the morning, participate in a masterclass in the afternoon and dance all night at one of the amazing parties. If we could only spend our days like this for the rest of our lives too...

The Food Film Festival. Three days about nothing else but food. The festival offers the best food films, dozens of cool workshops, a market with authentic goods, inspiring keynote speakers and debates about the most important current food issues. 

The festival takes place on the 9th, 10th and 11th of May. In other words: this weekend!

Did I already mention that there is an amazing pop-up restaurant with star chef Joris Bijdendijk? Who is, besides being one of the greatest culinary talents of the Netherlands, pretty hot. Would not mind waiting in line for a while at this restaurant. ;-)

I am also looking forward to seeing the documentaries My name is Salt and De keuken van Johannes. Unfortunately Brandt & Levie's workshop is sold out already, but I might just go and learn to prepare the perfect Ceasar Salad in one of the other workshops

Amsterdam's food loving crowd. Who else? And as food is so happening nowadays, prepare for a lot of young food enthusiasts. Not much of the old school vegetarians, think about today's food rock stars!

After selling out the Studio K building for three years straight, the Food Film Festival moved to the Westerpark. (The location I told you about last week) Actually, it took over the Westerpark. With events going on in the Westergasfabriek, movie theatre Het Ketelhuis and the MC Theatre I guess this festival is becoming one of the biggest food festivals in the Netherlands. It all sounds good to me: Because in my opinion, the more square meters that are filled with food related stuff, the better. 

For the exact location, please check out the map on the Food Film Festival website. Follow the festival's Twitter and Facebook this weekend for regular updates.

I really hope I will run into you at this hotspot this weekend. If you would like to attend a movie or workshop, I advice you to buy your tickets in advance. Because experience shows that those who doubt for too long, are left out...True story! :-) 

Happy Thursday!

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