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It is Sunday, Fashion School day. Last week, I had to skip this weekly article and so I promise that I am going to make it up to you. This week was an amazing week for my blog. Besides some cool collaborations I am working on, I got the chance to take two blogger masterclasses at Sanoma on Friday and attend the I Love Fashion Bloggers Q&A on Saturday. I learned a lot and met a bunch of people. And what better way to tell you about it than to sum up what I learned? That way, you get to cash in on all tips & tricks too. Isn't that fun? So here we go with some of the best tips and tricks!

If there is one thing I have learned the past couple of days is that it really helps you focus and get the best out of what you are doing (blogging in this case) by determining your vision and setting your goals. Do not be afraid and be ambitious. Not having a clear idea of your ideal future and the lack of an action plan increases the risk that you will stop growing at one point. So think about it! Do not let it paralyze you though, because you have to get some work done too.

A hard one for me as I am interested in fashion, design and art. But I think my main focus is modern art and clean lined fashion and design. It is important to develop a certain visual language. One that can be traced back to you. That way you are unique and interesting for your readers. Do not copy, as copying will never lead to a concept that can withstand the test of time. It will never be yours.

I am learning more and more that networking is key. People in the business have to know who you are, as you are the one and only ambassador of your blog. And although I had a rough start doing exactly that - I pretty much felt like I was back in high school and had to make new friends -  lately I have been enjoying it. There is nothing frightening about it, meeting new people is fun! What I guess is important is that you own up to your blog and to who you are. Do not talk yourself down, believe in what you do and telling your story will become a whole lot easier. 

Running a website means that you are working 24/7. At least if you want to make it to the top. One hit wonders do exist, but they are rare. And even one hit wonders have to work hard to keep their blog going. 

A real eye opener is the fact that companies and brands are not only allowed to approach you, you are allowed to approach them too. Brands, PR agencies and magazines thrive by input. The key to that input is - or at least can be - your unique content. So think about what collaborations you would like to undertake and come up with a creative plan that both suits the brand and your website. Who would say no to a win-win situation?  

Although change can be scary, just keep in mind that change is good. Stay recognizable for your readers, but keep challenging yourself to make the best content possible. Add a blog category, switch up your lay-out or organize events. Do whatever that feels logical to you and your brand. Keep an open mind, stay honest to your readers and have the courage to grow. Becoming a real business chick is all about being creative and having the balls to pursue your dreams.

Listening and talking to inspirational women like Yara Michels, Yvonne Eijkenduin, Linda Tol, Negin Mirsalehi and Jantine Vaartjes makes me even more motivated than I am already to keep working on the blog to make it better and better. It is going to be a Sunday Funday, I can tell you that!

I hope that these tips and tricks will help you to pursue your goals too. If you would like to know more about what I am currently learning, please let me know in a comment or e-mail. I am happy to pass on the knowledge. :-)

Happy Sunday!

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Vond Zaterdag zo gezellig en interessant! Ze hebben mij ook weer echt even een extra zetje gegeven. Vind trouwens je style echt gaaf en was leuk je gesproken te hebben Zaterdag! x

    1. Hey! Ja was leuk hè. Benieuwd wat voor nieuwe dingen jij gaat ondernemen. Ik ben ook alweer druk bezig.. :-) x

  2. Wat een leuke tips heb ik zoiets over gisteren geschreven want had dit nog niet gezien! Maar de tips zijn inderdaad erg goed en handig! Het was leuk je bij blogsociety nog even te spreken! :)


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