brusco stunt grapes

brusco stunt grapes
brusco stunt grapes


Today I give you a different take on my weekly hotspot post. I mean, this truly was a hotspot last thursday, but it is not a place where you can party this weekend or something. Last week, I attended the Brusco event: the launch of the eponymous drink. And as my readers you know that I do not often attend launches, but how could I miss the launch of the potential Summer hit? Especially an alcoholic one..

Indeed, I could not. So last week around 5PM I was waiting anxiously to try this sparkly - not too much though - red wine. The name alone recalled so many teenage memories. Brusco is short for Lambrusco, the sweet sparkly wine me and my friends used to drink when we were in our mid-teens. - Chances are that I got my first kiss while tipsy on Lambrusco. - With the DJ spinning and the fridge stocked with bottles of Brusco the night was promising.

We had to wait a while for miss Olcay Gulsen to pop the first corck, but when she arrived the party really started. Especially since I already felt a little tipsy after my first glass of Brusco, but that might well have something to do with the 12% alcohol that is in it and the fact that I did not have dinner yet..Anyway, the night was really fun and after a glass or two I decided that this could well be the perfect drink on a hot Summer night. It is maybe a little more bitter than you would expect a Lambrusco to be, but that is actually what makes it more interesting than the traditional one. Not only for young teens. ;-)

 I was so lucky to go home with my own bottle, but luckily for you the drink is available online and soon in stores too. So if you are interested, check out Brusco's website

Tonight I will be dancing at the MadNes pre-party at the Melkweg. So TGIF indeed.

What are your plans tonight? Coming by to say hello? :-)

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