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I like to keep things simple, wearing as little clothing as possible. Not in the Jersey Shore kind of way, but while still wearing a complete outfit of course. Every now and then though, I like to switch things up a little. Finding new ways to wear the different garments in my wardrobe. And so I found myself wearing a white baseball tee over a cotton blouse earlier this week. Not the most obvious combination, but I have to say that it looked right. 

Layering things in a surprising way always makes me think of Carrie in Sex and The City. Most of the time I loved the way she looked right away, but sometimes her, or actually Rachel Zoe's, combinations made me think and distracted me from the storyline. - 'Is she really wearing a crop top over a t-shirt?' - Anyway, I always ended up concluding that it did look off a little, but at the same time it looked so right. It gave an otherwise kind of boring outfit a little oompf

So back to layering anno 2014. I am only starting to find my inner layering queen again - she was last seen when I was about 15 - but some pioneers have mastered the art already. So to inspire you to rethink the way you dress, I collected a bunch of pictures in which clothing is worn a little different. You may think it is amazing and you may think it looks terrible. Either way, the experiment was successful as you reevaluated the way you dress. And we all know that we should at some point, because great things never came from comfort. Right? So here we go!

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To me, Andy is the queen bee of layering. I have been following her for like forever and she always manages to surprise me with her outfits. She actually does remind me a bit of the Carry way of dressing, only a little more boyish from time to time. I especially love her crop-tops-over-t-shirts phase. It makes the trend a little bit more wearable and interesting. As Andy layers it - that sounds kind of cool, doesn't it? - almost every day, you should definitely take a moment to browse her outfits for inspiration. You will not be sorry. Promise!

outfit layers fashion blogger leandra medine

Aaah, Leandra Medine. You love her love her! You have to, if it would only be for her experiments in the dressing department alone. Truth be told, not all experiments are equally successful, but I does not matter. She makes you think about what she is wearing. Something that is way more important than copying the look of a famous fashion guru. 

outfit layers fashion blogger liza chloe

Another blogger that is definitely into layering is Liza Chloe. I love how she mixes dresses with jeans and sweaters and wears a blouse-over-a-tee-topped-off-with-a-blazer. She makes layering look easy, which is great because it makes you more eager to try it too. Hop over to her blog for some more neutral and dark toned inspiration.

As my neighbor is remodeling her home - or so it seems from the loud noises upstairs.. - I am going to rethink my wardrobe. Only the Lord knows what I am going to show you the in my next couple of outfits. ;-)

Happy Sunday!

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