Yesterday, MarryMe-Jimmy Paul presented a selection of their colorful pieces at the Stadsschouwburg (City Theatre) together with theatre collective The Amazing Agency. I was really looking forward to this experiment as I always support crossovers between different types of art. Especially since I expected the collection to be the perfect center piece of an outrageously eccentric performance. And as you can see in the pictures, the pieces were indeed as outrageous as I expected.

Like I said, I really appreciate the fact that someone had the guts to experiment with the fashion show tradition. Because really, in a world that is getting more interactive by the day we need to question our habits and our ways of presenting collections. Unfortunately though, the concept lacked detail. Which made it the perfect act for a wild night out, but not what you expect when looking at a fashion show. Or a fashion performance to use the correct term. The models should have had rehearsed a real routine and the stages could have been a little bit more creative and daring. But let's just say that that will be taken care of next time and praise to the creators of this innovative program. 

Tonight the shows at the Westerfabriek will start. I can not wait to check out Mercedez-Benz presents MATTIJS, MAISON the FAUX and AZIZ BEKKAOUI. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter (both @jadepillar) for regular updates throughout the shows and check in tomorrow on fashionweek.nl to see the pictures and reports!


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  1. have fun! maybe we'll see each other!
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