Good morning you! Hope you are enjoying what is for me the last day of my X-mas holiday. Somewhere in the middle of decorating my home and celebrating the holidays with family and friends I kind of lost track of time. Resulting in the fact that I could easily spend another week like this, but hey: That is just not real life, right? Still thinking about those millions I did not win at New Years Eve though. 

Anyway, today I would like to show you what is on my desk. Not that my desk is so amazing, but the things I am working with today might result in something that is. For a project I am working on I visited some designers in Amsterdam yesterday and filmed bits and pieces of their current collections. Really looking forward to what they come up with at Fashion Week though - You might take that as a hint - and I can not wait for the 20th edition to start! 

Thinking about Fashion Week makes me wonder:

What are your favorite Dutch designers?

Happy Sunday!

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