Happy New Year you fashioholic! May 2014 bring you everything that you have wished for and more. And I sure hope that you partied your way out of 2013 and into the new year. I definitely took care of business, explaining the late post today. But what the hell: detox januari has arrived right? 

I hear you think: 'detox januari?' Well I can tell you that my body could really use some time off from binge eating and excessive alcohol use after a month full of dinners and parties. A swell time it was again, but like I already wrote last year, one month per year of abundance is enough for me. I wish I could say that about shopping - my piggy bank would be really greatful - but that regrettably is not the case. Anyway, me and my friends decided to take on a challenge. No alcohol and a healthy diet for one month. As I actually am a fan of healthy food I think that eating properly will not be the problem. I mean, dinners like displayed in this post are lovely from time to time but not for eternity. The alcohol though, I have to admit that the thought of no drinks for one month feels a little uncomfortable. Anyway, I am taking on the challenge so only Shirley Temples for me the coming weeks.

I can imagine that me and my friends are not the only ones questioning our food and liquor intake at the moment. So I am really curious if you have some healthy challenge set for yourself too. In case you do, I will reveal some of my sources when it comes to cooking.

The best food blog out there in my opinion. Try the green beans and detox recipes

I love their bean stew and chili sin carne. Just replace the sour cream for yoghurt. 

I just bought her book 'Simple Dinners', but if you just want to browse online her website is your stairway to heaven to quick and delicious meals. 

As I mostly get my inspiration from these sources, I am curious how you get your groove on in the kitchen. So instead of fashion, let's talk food for once:

What is your favorite dish and cooking inspiration?

Would love to know!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Succes met je detox maand;) Ik ga er niet eens aan beginnen, haha!

    1. Haha! Relaxed hoor. Ik heb donderdag ook alweer mijn eerste sportdate ingepland. Nou ja, keep you posted. ;-)

  2. Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Heb je het leuk gehad? Zoals Mariska zegt succes met je detox maand #respect!


    1. Ja jij ook! Al het goeds voor het nieuwe jaar. Heb inderdaad een leuk feestje gehad. Heb jij het ook goed gevierd? Zag trouwens dit event tijdens fashionweek. Denk dat ik er wel even heen ga. Ga jij toevallig ook?


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