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Good morning you! It is Saturday, which probably means that you are a little hungover (at least I am..Gosh are Friday night drinks fun!), but excited to start the weekend. Saturday is always my favorite day, style wise. Because you get to wear what you want and do not have to get up early and rush your beauty routine. Or blog routine, as that is why I am uploading this post a little late today. Sorry about that! :-)

Earlier this week, I took the plunge and went for an all white outfit: white wide legged pants and a white blouse with black trim. I was already eying on this look for a while, but did not dare to wear it. Especially as I am pretty clumsy and afraid that I would spill my coffee the minute I would order it. But I did not - pat on the back for the self - and managed to keep myself clean all day. And I must say, I loved wearing all white. I felt confident, stood out in the crowd in a good way (I wore it like a white suit as everyone around me was wearing grey or black suits. Thought that was fun.) and had some nice conversations with random people all because of my white ensemble. At the end of the day I decided that I should definitely do this again and found myself searching the web for all white inspiration.

You can probably imagine that my search ended pretty quickly, when I bumped into the blog of Ivania Carpio (Love Aesthetics). I have been following Ivania for a while now, but I do not always check out her posts as she almost always wears total black or white. And although I think that she is a fashion genious, sometimes it can get a little predictable. In this case, that was exactly what I was searching for though and I felt like I hit the jackpot. Pages and pages of inspiration later I was much wiser in the black and white department. But what I thought were Ivania's most inspiring outfits are the ones that I posted above. Black or white with a twist: an enormous white clutch, bright pink lipstick, lilac hair and cropped tops. Just amazing!

As today is my favorite day, style wise, I decided that I am going for an Ivania inspired look. Not an exact copy of the above, but a mix and match of whites, black and greys with a twist. Because now that I have taken the plunge and experienced an all white look, I am curious of what I will be wearing next. Because as stupid as it may sound, I think that this has changed my thoughts about fashion. 

Love it when that happens!
Happy Saturday!

ps. So sorry for not photographing the all white look. Wore it at work and had no time to immortalize it. :-)

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