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Isabel Marant, the French designer that delivers amazing collections every season. I will probably not have to tell you that. I have always dreamt of owning a real Marant piece. Those signature shoes (boots, sneakers, everything), jackets and printed pants just instantly make you look and feel effortlessly cool. Owning some of Marants pieces is just an every girl's dream. Although maybe not available for all as the collections are not for every budget. It is a dream that might come true for a lot of us soon though, as H&M is collaborating with Marant this season. The collection will be in stores in November, but lucky for us; we will not have to wait until then to make our decision on what to buy. (And avoid the masses of hysterical girls at the stores. Think: 3 girls pulling on the same trousers at the same time. Not cute.) Because it leaked! O yes, the collection was leaked by some genius that decided that withholding this collection from us any longer would be nothing other than a crime against humanity. Brilliant! And although there is a slight chance that you have not seen the collection yet, I will take you trough my favorite pieces:

Let's start with a whole look. I love everything about it. Print on print, fringed boots and pants that are just slightly oversized. Shirt and trousers are both retailing at (€79,95)

As a snuggly fabric loving girl I just really need this vest. Period. (€129,-) And I can already imagine wearing it with those amazing leather pants. (€99,- (!!)
And with those boots. What can I say? (€199,-)
There are also a few pretty amazing basics. Like this simple draped skirt. (€69,95) That I am really planning on buying once the collection hits the stores. 

Anyway, I think that I am going for these pieces that are really easy to combine and breath Marant. The boots are still pretty expensive, so I will probably have to pass on those if I also want to get the vest, pants and skirt. But oh well, one can not have it all right? Let's just see what is still available in November, as this collection is going to sell out in minutes. (I am already putting together my online shop squad..I suggest you do the same.)

What are your favorite pieces of the collection? Or are you one of those few girls that is not dreaming of Marant?

Happy Saturday!

NB: All pictures com from Vogue.

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  1. ahhhh my goodness.. 199 euries voor de schoenen? :( Ik wilde die heeel graag.. maar dit is net buiten mijn budget.. ik ga er nog over nadenken :)


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