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Good morning my sweets! Hope you all had a good night's sleep and are ready for tuesday. Or as I consider it: the hardest day of the week. But I guess that I should not put you into a bad mood already. ;-) My sincere apologies and I did prepare you a an Instadiary today. Instadiaries are always fun, because they show the best parts of our lives. Because no need to photograph the bad stuff right? 

So let me take you through this diary. Past week has been all about drinking water. I even got myself a cool bottle to motivate me to always take some water with me. And as this cool bottle prevents me from buying plastic water bottles a few times a week, I even feel like a real environmental freak. And let me tell ya', it feels good. 
I also went to the Stedelijk Museum. And as I already told you in my previous post, I think looking at art is the best way to start your weekend. Fashion and art just create instant happiness, always. And knowing this, it would only be stupid not to indulge in it from time to time. 

Past week has also been all about denim. I am rediscovering some of my old denim garments and looking to expand my collection with a patchwork denim blouse. And if there is any money left, maybe a patchwork jeans. I found the blouse I am wearing in this collage at the H&M men's department. Pretty cool, but a bit too wide at the shoulders. Did you by any chance already find the perfect patchwork denim blouse? 

Looking at this diary actually makes me excited for today. Especially since I am having my first coffee of the day as we speak. Instagram and coffee, the perfect remedy for the tuesday blues I guess! How do you normally kill the tuesday blues?

Have a nice day and talk to you soon! 

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