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Good morning lovelies. Would love to discuss the weather, politics or other important things with you today, but I decided to talk you through this burgundy overkill. Although fall/winter 2012/13 brought us a lot of burgundy already, it seems like we just can not get enough of it. Especially when mixed into a grunge inspired look, burgundy is still hot this spring. The grunge inspired collections are my favorite ones this season anyway, so I am a happy camper. 

The counterpart of all this grungyness (a common word in my alternative vocabulary) is the clean white look as seen in many of the spring '13 collections. And although I love the clean palette on many other bloggers, I just can not picture myself wearing solely white. First of because I am way to messy to keep clean all day. I bet my crispy white trousers would be filthy by the time I arrive at work. And second, because I can not get to grips with the white pointy heels everybody is wearing. I like them, but each time I try them on they just seem so white to me.. one can only imagine all the troubles a fashionista has to endure in her life. 

Anyway, I am choosing the grunge look this spring. And I already found some key items. I love this bomber jacket from Topshop and I can only wish that I will be wearing it one day. Especially combined with burgundy pants, a long black blouse and pony hair platforms. In a perfect world I would pull the look together with these amazing mirrored sunnies. One can dream right?

What are your key items this spring? Have you already chosen a certain look? 
Enjoy your day!

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  1. I love that outfit those burgundy jeans with that blouse is lush.
    I am not really a fan of shades with yellow glasses but they do fit the outfit.

    My go to items for spring have to be my draped jeans jacket and mint skinny jeans.

  2. Love it! I hate the fact my wallet won't let me buy anymore things!

    My Blog, Blonde but not least

  3. Perfect bomber jacket! :)

    xx pauline


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