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Good morning lovelies! A happy day today, because my longtime search for the perfect (and affordable) Tote is finally over. In December I got myself a not so special but okay kinda black shopper, that already gave up its tasks by januari. Luckily, the store took it back and my search for the perfect Tote could go on. Earlier this week, I saw this great looking bag online priced down to the amount of the not so special but okay kinda bag that I bought earlier! My heart did a little jump and before I knew it, I clicked this baby home. I decided to call him Jack. Jack and I are going to have a swell time, I will tell you that! Peace! ;-)


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  1. O I love Jack, he is very pretty. The gold accent is very nice, I have to check out Zara now.

    1. Haha! You definitely have to! ;-) Have a great weekend Denna!


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