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As I told you before, I have somehow snapped out of this winter funk and am looking forward to spring. Besides enjoying sports (I know, I sound like such an irritating health-freak right now) I am really into eating healthy again too. I used to skip breakfast most of the time, to starve by the time we were ready for lunch at work. Encouraged by one of my friends, I added an oatmeal breakfast to my morning routine and I must say that I like it. I can not deny that I was a little hesitant to voluntarily stuff this old school food into my face again, but when combined with some banana or red fruit it actually tastes great! So for all not-want-to-eat-breakfast-so-much girls: try to start the day by having a small but nutricious meal! I bet you have more energy during the day!

My recipe:
1. Heat up about 150 ml of almond milk with some chopped up banana or red fruit. 2. Add two or three table spoons of oats to the mix. 3. Stir (and add some walnuts if you like) 4. Ready to dig in! 

Are you living the healthy life already? Enjoy! 

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