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Good morning my sweets! It is Monday morning again, so what better way to start off the week than with an instadiary! The weekend was amazing. I went out for drinks with the girls, had some friends over for dinner, went for some long walks with the boy and just chilled and had a great time. Not only New York is facing a blizzard, but in Amsterdam the snow has returned too. Just as I thought that we were on our way to Spring.. But oh well, I must say that I love the snow. Especially when you are inside wearing your PJ's and drinking some hot coffee. ;-)  

So what are you looking at exactly?
1. Going for a walk and taking my Yeti and sneakers out for a spin. 2. The beginning of Saturday's snowstorm. 3. Buying a greasy snack at the gas station at 4 AM on Saturday..our little secret.. 4. Warming up inside with a cup of tea in a nearby bar. 

I must run for work now, but I am really curious of how you spend your weekend! Would love to know! Have a great Monday and talk to you soon!

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    1. Hi Emma! Thanks so much! Hope to talk to you soon again! Have a great day!

  2. Ik hoop volgend jaar ook in Amsterdam te wonen! Erg mooie jas X

    1. Hi Florien! Wat leuk! Zeker doen, want Amsterdam is te gek! :-) Liefs, Floor


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