Outfit | The Return Of That Damn Crocodile


Pictures by Bram van Essen 

I remember that I wore a lot of Lacoste as a child. My mom loved the view of a mini poloshirt and so me and my brother were the ultimate possibility for her to indulge in this lust. Okay, that sounds more crazy than it actually was. :-) I also remember myself refusing to wear everything with a crocodile on it when I was a little older. The only croc I then loved was an inflatable one that I used to take with me to the pool. The crocodile slowly but surely disappeared from my life until recently I stumbled upon this shirt at a fashion event. The purpose of the event was to switch clothes that are gathering dust in the back of your closet with another persons clothes that were also gathering dust in the back of their closet. And so I did the unthinkable: I switched a pair of boots for this Lacoste T. And I must say that I like it.  It is a bit cold for the time of year, but I will definitely wear it next spring and summer. Damn that crocodile!

Have a nice day!

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  1. Hele leuke post en die kleur staat je heel goed!

    1. Ha Denna! Dank je wel en ik zal eens meer kleur proberen. :-)

  2. Can I have it all,please?;)

  3. Reacties
    1. Thanks Andrea! Really appreciate your support! :-) Have a great day!


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