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Hi lovelies! Nice to say 'hi' to you again. :-) I was actually doubting to either post this picture or not, because it is definitely not my favorite one (I look a bit like I am cross-eyed..). But hey, not all pictures can be great right? :-) I planned on doing an outfit shoot today, but the weather kept me from doing so. As I could not leave you empty handed, I thought I might show you the earrings that I got on my last trip to Paris at Zara's. I especially love the tiger at the top of the earrings and I think they will be perfect to wear to our dinner tonight. We are having friends over and I am making a pumpkin soup and a spinach quiche. Hope that it all goes well. :-) 

A few days ago I showed you how you can make your own Instagram filters in photoshop and as you can see, this picture had some work done. I used the Nashville filter of the filter package that I referred you to in this post. I am still loving those filters and I keep on learning to tweak them myself! 

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