I had an interior design post planned for today, but when I stumbled upon this hilarious quote I just had to share it with you. I pretty much resembles what me and my friends are going through lately. Searching for the dream job, working on the ideal relationship and realizing that we are still young and can pursue anything we want. Unless we do not go for it now. Oh, the pressure.. We definitely got more issues than Vogue! We are able to put things in perspective most of the time though, but every now and then a total nervous breakdown seizes us. Resulting in lots of coffee dates, long talks on the phone and a little too much wine on a girls night out. 

I am curious if you maybe feel the same way, as I reckon these doubts come with being twenty-something?

Enjoy the weekend and make sure to do lots of great things. Because you know, you are only young once... ;P

Happy Saturday!

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